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"Richmond is a really rebellious city and it's always been that way," Danger says. "Richmond has always liked to drink, fight and fuck."
Danger and others became a league of "motherless mothers" working to grow the burlesque movement around the country. They networked, taught each other production skills and routines, and established ground rules for safety in the industry. Fast forward a decade and Danger has built an entire burlesque school, several dance troupes and performs around the country.

"It's a celebration of life, beauty, love, and movement," Danger says. "It exists on the edge of comedy and people can't help but be drawn to it. It's revolutionary."

We want to give a shout out to Deanna Danger for inspiring us! Every year we open scholarships so more performers, regardless of finances, have the chance to learn at our convention in Seattle. But the lovely Miss Danger has taken it upon herself to create her own BurlyCon Scholarship for her students at her studio in Richmond, Virgina. Performers attending class at Boom Boom Basics have the chance to receive a scholarship assisting them in making it to BurlyCon! Read more.

Virginia’s pride is passionate, and it is staid. Beneath it a sense of violence smolders, a remnant of nearly three centuries of battles fought and lost. Richmond, its capital city, is a lot of things: proud, grungy, beautiful, sobering, punk, diverse. If any city can support the Southern burlesque movement, it’s this one, and Deanna Danger is bringing it to the masses alongside many other passionate performers. Twice a year she thrusts new Boom Boom Basics graduates into the world, fledglings in the thriving, diverse, sexy, empowering world of burlesque. And from there she hopes they go forth into Richmond and beyond, spreading the gospel of the tease – and of empowerment. Read more.

A life-long dancer, Danger is a performer, producer and instructor, having started the Boom Boom Basics Burlesque and Performing Arts Studio in January 2010. She now teaches weekly local classes and weekend workshops around the east coast. "Mainstreaming 'the Art of the Tease' has been an uphill battle in today's society, but that is why I am known as the Warrior of Burlesque," she says. "I fight to get past the misconceptions and taboos associated with the craft. ... there is absolutely a show for everybody, every walk of life, every type of fan. Read more.

When all else fails, put glitter on it. Read more.

Danger and ANIMAL hope that PurpleLife RVA will bring a variety of scenes together, from the more established LGBTQ dance party scene in places like Godfrey’s to the younger crowd ANIMAL attracts to the kink/fetish communities and the sort of Burning Man-inspired art kids you might meet at an event involving hoops and fire. There are aspects of the evening’s unique structure that should appeal to all of these groups, with everyone being given space to feel safe being themselves. “We want this to build bridges not walls, and offer RVA a supportive atmosphere to be their most fabulous self,” Danger explains. Read More.


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Richmond Magazine

University of Richmond

Richmond Tattoo & Arts Festival

Diner En Blanc RVA

Catoctin Creek Distillery

Floyd Fest

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Deanna Danger, Owner/Operator

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