Beginners Burlesque Workshop Series

Whether you wish to connect with your fabulous inner self and find self empowerment, or you aim to see yourself bathed in stage lights, the Boom Boom Basics Beginners Burlesque Workshop series teaches students introductory levels of "The Art of the Tease!" Students will gain a basic understanding of the term "burlesque," as well as classic movement technique, terminology, and oh so much more! 

The series is broken into two levels, and semesters run concurrently:
Burlesque 101
Burlesque 102

Each level builds upon the last, working the continuing education burlesque student to stage readiness. The workshop series is designed to give students a complete beginners burlesque education, with attention to act & character development as well as technique & movement training, behind the scenes etiquette, costuming, history and so much more. The program is set at a once-a-week, comfortable pace to allow for hands-on development and understanding, for integration of the art form in real time practice. Each level includes individual student attention & mentoring, with options for those that just want to try out "The Art of the Tease" for fun or exercise! The workshop is open to all genders, body types, and ages. No experience is necessary! Discount available for advance, multiple course registration, see each course below for details.



The first step into the journey of "The Art of the Tease"! The Beginners 101 Workshop is a self empowering, confidence building 7-week, basic dip into the world of Burles...
Beginners 101 Workshop



Level II of our Beginners Burlesque Workshop Series, with 6-weeks of character & act creation classes, stage-readying and behind-the-scenes etiquette classes, developing ...
Beginners 102 Workshop